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William Thomas
William Thomas

T I Got Your Back Feat Keri Hilson

[Verse 1]They may try to keep us apart/At times we may seem so far/But come on, always remember this dawg's got your back/You found a special spot in my heart, why you're always in my raps/No matter the time or day, I will always be here to keep you safe/I need you just to be here, so it's your sake that determines my fate/No matter whatcha done, you will always be my number one/You're never alone, you're my best homie/And the homies ride together till they die together/And just so ya know that'll stay the same forever/No matter what could ever happen you'll never be any different to me/This emcee's found love, and his bestie's someone he'll never let go of/

T I Got Your Back Feat Keri Hilson

[Verse 3]I traveled to space just to write this song/Just for you, it was written in the stars/Just to prove, I got your back through it all/You are the cause of the great N-Dawg/You had my back when they just wanted to see me fall/I vow to return the favor, I won't take a waver/You were the first to show support, not a hater/You will be the cause of my world tour, my savior/I swear it was your support, that catered/And for that, you above all I favor/As strong as God I feel, now that all my wounds you've healed/When I needed help most, an angel came as you, and it was almost as if you knew/That as soon as I was up on my feet, I'd be this amazing emcee/Listen to these raps, cause no matter what, I got your back/(Believe that) 041b061a72

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